Asher Swissa

  • Date
    13 May 2023
  • Location
    Barasti Beach, Dubai, UAE
  • WebSite

Get your ears ready for the cosmic beats from the ASHER SWISSA (Skazi).

The iconic ASHER SWISSA (Skazi), also known as Skazi, is on the way to shake Dubai with his vibrating music and catchy beats.

ASHER SWISSA (Skazi) is an Israel-based artist, TV star and performer, who always shines among the top artists, in the world of electronic music.

This time Asher Swissa (Skazi) comes with his new thriving techno-melodic act “The Secret Project”, which was collaborated with Korolova, Miss Monique and more, and it is all we have been waiting for! The eternal vibes and melodic flow of the set will take you to another universe, where electronic music lovers can get hypnotized by the unbelievable energy brought by Asher Swissa (Skazi).

The Barasti beach bar will welcome you on May 13th, taking you to a vibrant night and good vibes with Asher Swissa (Skazi). If that was not enough to get you hyped, the event will also have seven other incredible DJs who will surely set this night on fire:

You don’t want to miss this one. Grab your tickets now, and let’s go vibe, connect and feel the absolute euphoria.

Tickets hotline and VIP tables booking:

+971 50 768 6418

+971 58 540 9115


Nataly GuyWay Events

Organised by GuyWay and M Premiere.



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